Work Visas for Hospitality Staff

Due to the latest changes introduced by the government in March, 2011 only Chefs jobs that require a minimum of 5 years experience at the same or higher status, and paying at least £29,570 per year (after deductions for meals and accommodation) are on the shortage occupation list.

Tier 2 work visas now can only be sponsored for Chef jobs that meet the above criteria; in addition the positions must not be in a fast food outlet or an establishment which provides take-away services, or where ‘standard fare’ is served (where dishes are not prepared from fresh/raw ingredients). The position itself must also be one of the following:

– Executive chef (limited to one per establishment)
– Head chef (limited to one per establishment)
– Sous chef (limited to one for every four kitchen staff per establishment)
– Specialist chef (limited to one per speciality per establishment)

Sponsors must retain pay records confirming that the individual is earning the appropriate skilled salary and provide these to the UK Border Agency on request.

Sponsors must also retain references from the individual’s past employer(s) detailing five or more years’ relevant experience and provide these to the UK Border Agency on request.

Sponsors must also retain relevant evidence to enable them to justify the following:
1) – Why does the job require someone with at least five years’ previous experience? What elements of the job require this experience and why?
2) – Why could the job not be carried out to the required standard by someone with less experience?
3) – How would you expect a settled worker to gain this experience before being appointed to the post?

All other jobs in this occupation code are below NQF and cannot be sponsored under Tier 2.
Please note that the above rule is effective from 6th April 2011, all those chefs that were already in UK before that date under the Tier 2 or Work Permits arrangements and their role/job title is unchanged can apply for getting their visas extended or change employers if required.

Resident labour market test

Jobs that are currently on the United Kingdom shortage occupation list and therefore a resident labour market test is not mandatory.

We specialise in processing Tier 2 (General) Visa applications for Chefs and regularly deal with various restaurants, hotels and other hospitality organisations across UK. Please contact us if you want to make sure that your Tier 2 visa application is processed smoothly.

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