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UK settlement/ILR visa application fees to rise by 22.5 percent from 6 April, 2017

UKVI has announced its proposed fee changes to come into effect on 6 April 2017; with settlement and indefinite leave to remain application fees to rise by as high as 22.5%. This means an £422 increase for a Settlement/ILR application which will stand at £2297 compared to current fee of £1875.

Spouse visa application fees also rise by the same percentage as above and will increase by £269 to £1464 from the current level of £1195.

Students and visitor visa application fees to rise by 2%.

Fees are also increased by £90 for premium service/same day appointments in UK and will rise to £490 + £100 compared to £400+£100 as of now.

Full list of the new proposed fees can be found on www.gov.uk.


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